Polyethylene glycol is a highly versatile material. It is a colourless, tasteless, nontoxic, biospecific, stable and inert synthetic polymer soluble in water and organic solvents. With boiling points starting at 300°C (@1atm) and stability in acidic and basic solutions, PEG can be tuned for a large variety of applications and environments. It is commonly found in a variety of products including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and personal care. However, typical commercial polyethylene glycol is a polydispersion of PEG oligomers. The full utility of PEG is realized as its monodispersed oligomers.

Our customers seek out Polypure’s PEGs to tune for specific applications and environments. The general properties of PEG combined with our near homogeneous derivative products gives customers the broadest range of applications—favorable attributes are better presented as monodisperse PEGs.

Our end users are the full spectrum of natural science researchers and product development teams in universities and industry, bio- and nanotech firms, and the energy industry.

PEG Properties


  • Colourless, tasteless, nontoxic, stable, and inert polymer


  • High biospecificity and soluble in water and organic solvents


  • Boiling point ≥300°C and stability in acids and bases