Polypure is the pioneer in providing high purity PEG oligomers. We specialize in single oligomer PEG derivatives for the biotech, nanotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our high purity materials are applied in a broad range of research and industrial sectors.

Polypure has the expertise to provide customized products and services for clients seeking specialized solutions in multi-kilo quantities. 

Featured products

mPEG-44 amine

Pyr-S-S-PEG-29 NHS ester

 Fmoc-amino PEG-27 propionic acid

Upcoming Conferences

Bologna, Italy

Polypure attended CRS 2024 Annual Meeting & Expo in Bologna

8th  12th July, 2024

Dublin, Ireland

Polypure attended 9th EuChemS Chemistry Congress (ECC9), in Dublin, Ireland

7th – 11th July, 2024.